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What is the difference between cold cast bronze and foundry  bronze?
Cold cast bronze is pulverized bronze powder suspended in a bonding agent (Usually polyester resin or architectural plaster). It has the look and feel of foundry bronze, but is a fraction of the weight and cost. Also, these pieces are breakable and not do not lend themselves well to being displayed out of doors.

Foundry bronze is cast using the age old lost wax process. It has a lasting inherent value based on the the commodity value of the pure silica bronze, but more so by the beauty of the artwork and its rarity from the limited production of the piece. A good foundry bronze piece will never lose its value and a great piece may increase greatly in value over time.

Properly taken care of, it will last hundreds of years.

Do you cast in cold cast?
Some of the pieces are available in cold cast.

Do I have to order my bronze exactly like the picture on the website?
Each bronze is custom cast, so any piece can be ordered in just about any color the patina artist can do. Wood or stone bases (or combinations) are options as well.

How do I pay for a bronze that I am ordering?
Generally 1/2 deposit down to place the order, and the balance due on shipping. M/C, Visa ,AE, Pay Pal, Checks and cash are accepted.
Larger pieces that are commissioned are paid in 3 payments. First payment on agreement or contract signing, second when the clay is finished, third upon delivery.

What is a pre-cast price?
If the bronze is ordered before it goes into production, or is still in modeling clay, the price is reduced.

Do you  do  Layaway?
Layaway is done in certain circumstances and on negotiable terms.